Posted by: Nancy H | April 28, 2012

My Path…

I’ve been practicing alternative therapies for a lot of years. I have helped numerous people in the process of their healing or helping them to ‘unstick’ their next step so they can move forward in an ever-changing life. I have taught many people alternative therapy practices so they too could help others.   I have often wondered why, what IS the real purpose’? WHY is all of this such a passion of mine? Why the craziness!??

Ever feel you’re not where you are supposed to be but that you have been brought there by some mysterious force? Ever wonder why you are in certain places at certain times and meet certain people in these certain places? Strange circumstances in strange places. It’s been happening to me for as long as I can remember and I’ve often wondered WHY? Why is it I keep ending up in these weird places, odd situations surrounded by people who seemed to somehow need something from me. I have been in some really bright and light places and some pretty dark, dank places too! Not literally but figuratively, okay… you got me… literally too! In the same sense, I have been in the presence of some pretty bright and light people, those full of innocence, love and compassion and I have been in the presence of dark and dank people, those full of dark, heavy, blah energy.

Just this past year I realized that I again, was in a place where I didn’t want to be but more felt I HAD to be. Turns out it was… once again…. to help someone through a VERY dark time. So, it seems that there really IS a purpose to all of this. It would seem that it is my “job” to go into these dark places and ‘save’ the dark people within or more-so save the people from the dark!! Sounds like a pretty heavy-duty “job” doesn’t it… Actually, the job itself is pretty easy, second nature really. Yet every single time… it surprises me. It’s easy because it is just second nature to me, but it’s hard, even though a great number of people come right out and ask me for help, there are those that I am compelled to awaken from their slumber. I haven’t always known what to do or how to handle things and actually in the beginning I mostly just did nothing. I just let things be and then sat back and watched, horrified at the sometimes terrifying, sometimes deadly results. I mean it’s not logical that you would be able to just walk up to someone and say… hey, I’ve got to tell you …I KNOW you have some sort of issue in your life that you need help with! I have often had to really muster up a lot of courage, perhaps I guess in fear of being ridiculed or shunned or of course just disbelieved… though I can say I have never once come across someone who implied or said any of those things! People have always been open to me and it’s the greatest feeling when as soon as I tell someone who I have this sense, they already know what I’m talking about and are often relieved to hear they do not have to deal with it alone. All they needed was just a little push from the me. Even just having a sounding board is all some people need, sometimes though it’s a prodding process and I need to push a few times.

So I’ve met a lot of people most of whom I will never hear from or see ever again. Then there are those who leave but always return periodically and, thankfully, those who are with me till the end. In the past twenty years I have done everything I can to ‘save’ people. Not only those who have come to me and directly asked with their own tongues, but also those that have had me presented to them by the universe. I’ve had to crawl around in some pretty ugly heads and flap around in a lot of big dark unknown to find soul fragments and bring peace back to many people who had ‘lost’ theirs. Mostly, I’ve helped people to help themselves which is what it’s really all about. I feel it’s sometimes like being a mom… you help your children to learn to walk on their own, process that it is… you pick them up when they fall and then you watch them run away confident that they will come home if they need to…

May your process be a delightful one




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